Friday, April 16, 2010

Her hearts

im lost pull me up..

i cant sleep.. im keep thinking about what is happening around me.. what is happening to me? what will be happen? and why is it happen? i got a lot of shit that happen around me.. i dont know why.. and where is it come from.. in this hole of April .. my phone is lost.. the blackberry phone that i get for my birthday.. the one that my mother and father gave me.. i lost my strange to study.. i did go to classes.. and i lost my best friend.. why she did text me.. why?? what happen to her?? why she did say hai to me at facebook or myspace.. or email me.. i dont know why.. i lost my camera nikon D40.. i dont know why is it lost the shit is just at my room.. dont know who took it from me... and the most thing i lost my self.. like i did even know my self.. what is happening to me? i lost my love.. i love my care.. i dont know why.. i miss all of this.. if i can change the time.. i will fix it.. i will fix what was happened.. dear my god give me a strange to pull up my self from this things that happen around me.. i made lots of people sad.. my mum.. my dad.. my sister and my friends.. maybe you see me lough, the happiness im my face. but im my heart what do you know? did you ever ask you self about it? did you ask your hearts?

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  1. Strange and strength is a same meaning i think.
    Im thinking im thinking. zzzzZZZzz