Friday, April 16, 2010

what goes around come around


hurm.. today.. i know what is happen around me..
i know why people talk shit about it... where is the true??
i dont know why people always love to talk back??
somehow i felt like want to killer people coz of this shit..
i did say anything about you or talk shit about u..
u you wanted to enter in my personal life?
do you feel like lie is the best way to cover ur you shit?
do you think like pointing finger to people is good for cover up you shit??
for the hole my like why fake people if around me?
and the fake love to point at me??
maybe cuz im just silent does not it mean that you can hit it to my head!!
the reason that im silent is not that im losing!
you should know me.. i will wait for the right time!! and i think the time is sooner then you tough!
every people know what goes around come around.. soon you will get what you wanted..
you will get the shit back.. and at that time i just might lough about it..
and people saw you at that time will hate you for what you have done..
im have to clean up my name.. yes it's hard to bull up.. but it so easy to get it down..
and when it's down deeply you will feel the same thing that i felt before..
dont think you are so perfect but you are not.. and never be..
people who life in lie is people who have a sickness in the head..


  1. what goes around comes around...
    let people think wht they wanna think about you...
    deep down inside ur heart, u know whu u really are....
    ignore them !
    one day , they will feel same thing as u...